For God so loved the World
that he gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

About us

Church in the Community Lakeside exists to serve and reach out to the Lakeside, Withymoor and Brierley Hill area.


Church in the Community has a set of essential beliefs that we follow as a church. These beliefs are the most simple and foundational beliefs we hold as a church family.

The Scriptures

The Trinity

God the Father

The Lord Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit


The Church



Church Elders are people who are valued for their wisdom and leadership. They are God’s faithful shepherd and leaders of the church. CITC Lakeside is led by a team of 4 elders who are committed to the vision and are passionate about reaching this community with the gospel.

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As an organisation we want to to be true to the beliefs and practices of God, equally we don’t want to follow man-made ideas or philosophies and want to walk away from legalism and co​ntrolling​ religion.

Gospel Centred







Church in the Community is not a building. We are a group of people scattered across the Black Country. Our vision is centered around Jesus Christ and his coming Kingdom being lived out in families and individuals – whoever would accept his message.

CITC Lakeside is led locally by a core team, held in relationship and accountability to the Spiritual oversight of CITC, keeping vision alive across all the communities.

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