About Us

We exist to glorify God by winning the lost, equipping the found, and sending the called. But what does that mean?

Our hope is for a day when all people know the Lord Jesus as their King and join together as a family to celebrate the good news of hope, grace and salvation. One day, we will gather many Christian believers across the Black Country to learn about, worship and bring glory to the God of Heaven.

Our calling started with a desire to bring the church to people where they are. We want you to know that the Christian faith is for you and is still as relevant today as it always has been. So, that set us on the journey of ‘church in the community.’ Our focus is always to be in the community, a part of the community and support the community. Some churches will have buildings to host community work from, others may be a small group in a local neighbourhood; either way, we simply want to be present and live out the love of God to people we meet and interact with, where you are, not requiring you to find us.


We have one church family, that is in the heart of Wollaston village. We have a small building on the corner of Meriden Avenue and Eggington Road, where we host a number of activities throughout the week for all ages. You can always expect a warm greeting and a welcoming atmosphere when you come to visit us in Wollaston.

One Church, Local Communities

We want to be a family, together and unified. Our churches across the Black Country will be connected with a common mission and vision, leadership and ambition to see the church grow!


Church in the Community has one common Eldership made up of the Pastors at our local churches. These Pastors work closely with their Leadership Teams in caring for their local church family and leading the activities and ministries of that church.


Our vision is to see these church families relate to one another and join together in celebration of the work of salvation in their lives. You’re invited to be a part of the family, the fun and the vision.

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Church Planting for the Future

Gospel Living

Church in the Community began with people sent out to pioneer and establish new works. It’s in our DNA and we’re passionate about continuing to gather new Church families all across the Black Country.


We believe that God will provide the resources and the people to continue the work of church planting for years to come.


Our strategy is to gather teams of people who feel called to go out, train them and empower them to go and do the work. Interested? Come and find out more!

Our Beliefs

This is what we believe about the Father, Son, and Spirit; the Bible and many important areas of our faith. 

Our Core Values

This is what we strive for as a church family. Look into our view for disciple-making, gospel living and community.